World TB Day 2024: Seeing Clearly Through AI in the Fight Against TB

This World TB Day, let’s shine a light on a crucial aspect of tuberculosis (TB) detection: its impact on vision. Up to 5% of all TB cases can affect the eyes, potentially leading to severe visual impairment or even blindness. Early detection is paramount to preventing such devastating consequences.

This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) steps in as a game-changer. AI algorithms are being trained to analyse retinal scans for signs of TB, offering a faster, more objective, and potentially more accessible way to diagnose the disease.

Here is how AI can revolutionise TB detection through eye examinations:

  • Faster turnaround time: AI analysis can significantly reduce the time needed to interpret retinal scans compared to traditional methods, allowing for quicker diagnosis and treatment initiation.
  • Improved accuracy: AI algorithms can be trained on vast datasets of retinal images, potentially leading to a higher degree of accuracy in detecting TB-related eye signs compared to the human eye.
  • Increased accessibility: AI-powered diagnostic tools could be deployed in remote areas or resource-limited settings, where access to specialised TB testing facilities might be scarce.

The future of TB detection is bright with AI. By leveraging this powerful technology, we can ensure timely diagnosis, prevent vision loss, and ultimately save lives.

Let’s work together to raise awareness about TB’s impact on vision and the promise that AI holds in the fight against this global health threat.

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